Monday, June 29, 2020

Pat Wilson RIP - as our large family suffer our great loss.

4  Children
13 Grandchildren
NOT forgetting the many Great-Grandchildren.

Pat Wilson has left us - the family
and we are mourning our loss.

Pat was married to my brother Don.
I call him Duckle. Still do!
As a child I loved the thought of having a 
Donald Duck in the family.

So that child - me
the youngest of four sons,
had to have a nick-name for him.

Duckle & Pat married young
and lived for a few years, 
with Steven their first born,
in the same street as us.
Fry Street, Parr, St Helens - Lancashire.

Don was called up to do National Service
as all young men had to do back in the day.
He had to leave his young family to serve.
He ended up in the Army serving in Egypt.

I was a young teen.
With a busy social life
and an active Rugby League life.

I can’t remember the years exactly
but I used to call on Pat regularly after my activities.
A glass of pop.
Maybe a biscuit or two
and lots of chatter.
It was great having an adult friend
who wasn’t me Mam or Dad.
Pat was just great to be with.
A listening ear for this growing teen.

Pat was frail in the recent months/years.
She wasn’t well enough to join the Wilson clan
in Majorca last year  - celebrating my 80th.

Her funeral is on Thursday.
We can’t go in this lockdown.
Even the Grandchildren can’t.
Nor the Great-grandchildren.

It is not the same
to celebrate a beautiful human life
at a distance.
This is an experience for so many others during the epidemic.

We feel with all the family.
One trapped abroad - so sad she can’t be there.

Blessings to all as we remember 
the special times we have spent together.
Especially to Don & the immediate family.

Thank you Pat
for all you gave to me and so many others 
in your large family.