Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I am under pressure
as always there are peak times.

The peak is always the prep.
I don't feel that when I am on my feet
when I am facilitating a session.

It is the design of the process/methods/flow/objectives
which leaves me pulling down options from the clouds
as I see so many laid out in my swirling mind.

Always there ther is a risk to be taken
to create an experience
not just a heady discussion.
I am after levels of communication you will know about
if you read my blog often.
I am after human development - NOT only fun and opinions.
This risk stretches me – too.
This risk troubles me.
This risk hurts when I fail to do what I aimed for.
This risk hurts sometimes.
This risk is sometimes failure.
This risk is fantastic and at it’s deepest and exciting .....
..... and better than that ........... so often.
I never fail to be impressed at how humans can respond to challenge.

"Community is a safe place
precisely because
no one is attempting to heal or convert you,
to fix you,
to change you.
Instead, the members accept you as you are.
You are free to be you. And being so free,
you are free to discard defenses,
free to seek your own psychological
and spiritual health."

M. Scott Peck