Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It is morning
awake early
hot today
awaken by the heat.

I feel.
I feel all the time.
We all do
but often don't clock it.

Sometimes our feelings,
as a result of a trauma,
can be more painful
than the incident itself.

I feel
I feel deeply
for special humans.

Some I have never met.
Some/it is one way love.
Some are ugly/in terms of lifestyle.
Some obnoxious/in terms of behaviour.
Some a car crash in waiting.
Some fragile as hell.
Some feeling ugly/acting flash.
Some physically struggling.
Some behind bars/oppression.
Some bored with emptiness.
Some/no all/not connecting their inner with their outer.

I feel I want to tell
"I LOVE you"
I feel it anyway.
But want to spill.
I want to spill but avoid oppression.
(if I tell you
that I love you
will you feel oppressed?)

Some humans are ugly
living a life EVERYTHING
against what I believe.

That is just what I see.
Behaviour we see.
Feelings we don't see.
I don't love that - what I see.
beyond behaviour -
the deeper human
the inner human
I love and want to spill.

Can I put my feelings into action?
How can I do that?
How can I say that?
How can I live that ...................

Pip Wilson