Saturday, June 19, 2010

I have a lot to do with gangs
in the past too.
That TV news item
about the CEO of BP
and the Congressional Committee
It reminds me of Gang attitude
intimidation/just loving humiliation.


I agree that PB did bad
money over safety for humans
money over safety for environment.
Justice must be done with love too ......

Alfred Adler, psychologist, argued that human beings strive to belong
and to overcome early feelings of inferiority
through the construction of personal and subjective goals.
Adlerians stress the unity of the mind, body and spirit and
the interactions between individuals and the larger community.

The spirit of the Lord is upon me
(not my words)
because he has chosen me
(and it is worth transposing these to self)
to bring good news to the poor
(priority explicit it seems to me)
He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives
(I think of one particular beautiful human in prison,
the struggle to survive, the struggle to belong
to the community he has outside the walls and the
the larger community.)
and recovery of sight to the blind
(I did a blog about
'I am blind and I want to see'
that's a good prayer for you
- for me - for all of us)
and set free the oppressed
(and that means being in touch with oppressed humans
being in a place called uncomfortable
where growth resides .............................. and justice resides. )

World Cup is good.
Football does not excite me.

Last night
a grown woman
on Big Brother UK
was sucking her thumb.
That - I feel.
Why does she do that?

Certain Facebook friends
are going through real dysfunction.
Heavy dependency drinking.
Relationship breakdown.
Abuse online.
I feel deeply for them.

I feel for them.
They must clock my posts.
I clock theirs.
I don't offer advice
I never offer advice.
When I am asked
I usually ask questions
the answers are usually the best advice.

What riches have you got
in your personal Bank Account?