Monday, June 28, 2010


....... difficulties occur, says research,
when men are in a crowded context.
We can all imagine the toilets at a big sports event ....... men and women.
Urination is slower when men are in a crowded space.
It is all down to tension/stress.

Social Psychology research also tells us that humans in crowded contexts;
- men are more aggressive
- women are more socially supportive - more eye contact and self revelation.
We are all aware of the physical impact of emotions.
Our body responds to the changes in our emotions.
..... sometimes ...... we blush ..... we pump adrenaline .......... sweat on the brow ...... weak knees ...... loose bowels ..... and more ...... do you agree?

What am I going on about - you ask .....?

Back in 1979 I produced a study on the subject of 'Emotional Deprivation'
because the issue was a big one in my Youth Work.
The biggest one.
I was working with street gangs in the East End of London at the time and my first book 'Gutter Feelings' came out of this work and the reflections on it.
I saw big time violence on a daily basis and was convinced that it was all about their individual and collective inability to do anything positive with the mangled emotions inside these young beautiful humans.
Beautiful Humans Hurting.
beautiful Humans lashing out.
Beautiful Humans in catharsis.

Much of my work as a Trainer/Facilitator
comes down to how humans manage emotions
- in relationships
- related to tasks
- pressure
- skills
- awareness
- response to 'difficult behaviour'
- and not the least, how to develop self esteem and value others.

"The unreflected life is not worth living" Socrates