Saturday, June 05, 2010

Joan and me are baby minding Connie.
We are week-ending it in Islington, North London.
The Sheilas are both out at a fancy dress wedding.
Got some great pix of them dressed to kill.
The have placed a censor on me posting them here.
I will get permission soon.
Connie so wondrous to be with.
I have so much to do but
what could be me important than Granddaughter?

I don't remember what feelings I had about my own daughters.
The Connie feelings are really powerful.
I think I was so less aware when the Sheilas were young.
I think I missed out on so many joys due to lack of awareness.

Don't get me wrong
I loved them with all my heart.
You know I love the Sheilas deeply STILL.
I fel my heart was so undeveloped back in the day.
The trouble with awareness - we never know what we are missing.
We are just unaware.
I am just SO unaware.