Wednesday, November 25, 2009

When I broke my ribs playing rugby,

some years ago,
I was strapped up in Elastoplast.
They can't place ribs in a plaster cast.
It is just a strap up job -
and breathe gently.
I remember not being able to
lift my arm to move a door handle.

When it all came off -
My skin was covered in little blisters.
I am allergic to old style Elastoplast.

I once had a leather watch strap.
The same happened.
Now I am a metal
or plastic man.

At the moment I have a red band across my forehead.
One of my 'P' caps has dye in the headband
and when I sweat -

It has happened a few times
but this time it is really ugly.
I have been wearing the allergic one
because I lost one of my caps.
I have four, lost one, and the others
are in different stages of batteredness.

The newest was bought at Lids in the USA.
That one is great - but my London purchase
Has a dyed headband - black.
I am shopping for a new one next time
I am in London town - and going for
maybe, a W instead of a P.

What are you allergic to?
I am not thinking of medical items
but emotional

I am allergic to
lack of human contact
too much TV
Typing for over ten minutes

I need to think about more about all this.