Sunday, August 22, 2021

Its me trying to be open & honest ............

 I don't know how long we have all had the pandemic or me cancer  -  they have all got mashed in history - and in experiences.
Recently I have been going through weaknesses which I have never encountered before. I have no pain as before but I do have a collection of side effects unique to myself. One of them of them is not being able to type properly - how to sling words together - even put thoughts together - as of now!
My communication has been terrible  - even with all my beautiful human friends - they don't know  I am going on - I don't know how I am going on - but I am attempting stuff today.
I have been diagnosed as::
They are why I have been staying apart from so many humans - for so long.
I have only recently had contact (apart) with a few humans and only those who could meet up locally. A few sitting in the grass in front of our flat and others venturing out to a nearby cafe - really strange but also beautiful. 

So it has been 'come to me' not 'I will come to you'. Often such a great encounter/food/catch-up has left me shattered.
I am tired now but I will come back at you and try to communicate the man here on a hot tin roof ..............

A recent Turner Family Pipturesque + Mum and Dad there as well!
Blessings on all gathered here.

stay beautiful