Saturday, August 07, 2021

The Rolling Magazine Crew - through the ages.


Back in the day I had a phone call from the top guy at the Greenbelt Festival - 

(a gathering of about 30k attendees) - a festival to have faith in.

It seemed that the organising committee had reached a point of the festival being too much 'Guardian' and not enough 'tabloid'  - and they wanted someone to kick off a programme more like the latter and certainly more 'fun fun fun  your' was targeted.

Because, in my work, I was surrounded with a wealth of young people and youth workers it became a challenge I could not resist!

I collected a bunch of talented passionate older teens from :- The Mayflower Youth Work Team, A collection of older teens currently on a 'work party' at the Mayflower + any talented humans such as the gathering you can see above.

The Rolling Magazine was created to deliver a 'show' - non-stop activity of - Fun* Dancing* Games* Wild* risky*Maximum participation show*wondrously*non-stop*wholistic*spiritual* developmental *Life-affirming*relational building 2.5 Hours a day (Saturday Sunday Monday) ........ spread all over the August Bank Holiday in good old England,

Since then came 2 books,  Games without Frontiers & The Rolling Magazine Book (translated into other languages too).

I have introduced it in many European Nations and beyond.

The RM Crew pictured above conducted several UK Tours ....... and .......... loved it.

We loved the stretching exciting relational educational experiences over many years.

Thank you to all involved over the years.

I love you lots - & forever .........