Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Level Five Communication.- powerful in every relationship.

I talk about Level Five when I get close enough to someone.

In Hostels, where I have spent many years of my life conducting group work,
often only starting at 10 in the evening, 
I introduce L5 and 
encourage all to share something of their lives on each of the five steps.
Powerful stuff.

Someone in Norway, and can’t remember his name, 
reminds me often of his experience doing this L5 exercise MANY YEARS AGO.

It sticks in the gullet. 
We remember an experience far more than words - 
or talks/lectures - even conversations.
L5 is a major influencer in helping to heal broken relationships.
It can and has saved marriages.
It has helping all ages of humans to step into an emotional intelligent relationship - 
at work - at home - in leadership & in every day communication.

You can find the downloadable image HERE.