Wednesday, July 18, 2018

So I write these FEELING words on a train ……

I have been thinking this ………
What did I do with my emotions
before I discovered them?
Before I started to
*Value them
*Manage them

They came out in
*Physical behaviour
- they came out in behaviour
either internal or external.

If I repress my feelings
they are not buried ‘dead'
They are

Now I try to draw them out - 
out of the depths of my being.

Yesterday my feelings day book said::
I don’t know why?
Can’t put my finger on why.
So I write these words on a train ……

Also I am thinking
I must conclude  my little book called::
I need to put my 
own oxygen mask on first
before I can help another - 
before I can understand another BHPs’
behaviours and the feelings driving them.

FEELING does not mean
that I do what my feelings/signals tell me.
I don’t surrender to them.
They are information I need
to live
to communicate
to relate
to grow …….

FEELINGS - I welcome them
welcome them all.
Even the GLUM ones
The SULLEN ones
because they help me to understand myself.
I want to integrate them into my WHOLE being.
Integrate them into my BODY MIND & SPIRIT.

If we are not in-touch with our feelings
and managing them
(I don’t use the word ‘control’
as, to me, it smacks of repression).
If I do’t manage them
they will manage me !

A question for you.
To think about or feedback to me?

How much does our emotional life
impact on our