Thursday, July 26, 2018

I wish I knew you better deeper closer

I have been asking questions online again.
Just asking ::
'IF you you wrote a book about your life
what would the title be?'

I had great comments back on my Facebook page.
Deep reflective book titles.
A few making light of the question
(which I expect and accept)

I love the thought,
that even if the masses didn't feed back to me,
that their internal consideration 
of the question - would be personally developmental.

A week or so later I added my own answer::

My biography, when I was 40,was titled 
feeling in the drains - 
feeling pretty dirty battered committed scarred ....... 
they were feelings. 
I had ‘only just’ discovered my feelings 
& started on the journey of learning to manage them. 
20 odd years later
I added experiences & stories about my work mission at 
( Gutter Feelings the book -  is on )
If I did a biography NOW it would be::
‘Beautiful Imperfection’
would be the title. 
About the journey of believing in  
Knowing I was, and am, IMPERFECTION. 
So many stories of human interaction & self discovery 
as I strive to live what I believe. 
Thanx for taking part if you did. 
Or at least reading what others who have shared 
(which trust will have stimulated your own internal being & BECOMING)