Thursday, July 12, 2018

A mail to me and my reflections back................

A mail to me and my reflections back.

 Pip:: I love what you write and I am slotting my thoughts in your text -
I love this sort of comment as it helps me think/LIVE.

Pip I have to tell you something 
I love that - there is passion in the words.
I LONG to get to know people in a deep and meaningful way 
YES - I believe that relationships are the source of growth in all of us
I long for deepening relationships and you I know are active
because you communicate this over the digital divide.

but soooooo many people today are sooooo shut down and angry 
YES - many hurting people around
not knowing how to contact their own feelings
and therefore not able to understand the feelings of others
JUST like I was - it has been a journey of learning/loving for me.

and frankly they do not want to be in touch with their feelings... 
NOT many have people around them who model vulnerability
who are open with their own feelings
which gives others permission to open up.
That's what Level Five is.

they don't even see a need to ...
I FEEL people are scared of feelings - their own.
MANY have had bad experiences (PARENTS?)
of people who dump feelings
or attack others with their feelings.
SO MANY feel that sharing feelings is screaming and shouting them
exploding and blaming others.
So people flee from accepting feelings
exploring feelings
valuing feelings - even the bad ones.

its a mystery to me why so many are so complacent to stay where they are emotionally ... 
I FEEL we need to help them to see another way.
It's not a teaching/lecture/reading way -
it's a relationship way it seems to me.

Im so excited when I see you say things like this .. 
I KNOW you are and love your communication.
AND all this is helping me to dig deeper into this stuff.

I know Im not alone in my desires to experience those kind of soul connecting relationships with people . 
COFFEE is the answer!
I have lots of 121's and coffee with people.
Asking lots of questions
Learning and telling/listening to stories.

But they just dont happen very often if at all . 
THIS making beautiful stuff
I feel it needs to have more like you - who desire to build helping relationships.

I think I can name maybe 2 or 3 people I have connected with like that outside of my children and mother !! 
Keep on connecting.
Sometimes the thin/shallow/superficial relationship can develop
as we make beautiful, live beautiful .........

Keep up the good work ! :o)
I will................ it is my life to live ................

You are beautiful