Wednesday, July 18, 2018

When I asked 60 people a question - the responses were so so powerful ............

I asked everyone on social media::
"Can I ask you a question."

60 people said yes.
My question to all of them was::
'Will you ask me a question?

I received many questions.

This is one question::

Describe in three words a person that embodies the exact opposite of you?
I experience, that people who are similar to me or 
the opposite/different provoke/tease me the most. 
Either they mirror me and  make me angry, seeing my own behavior. Opposite people I can’t understand their thinking, 
acting … make me angry because 
I feel, see, think the world different.

I want to be warm in relationships. 
As a Youth Worker one of the major skills is making contact - 
a hurdle which must happen before a relationship can be established. 
Can you possibly establish a relationship without warmth? 
I am striving always to understand my complex self - 
being an open book with myself and with others. 
NOT Padlocked.
Vulnerability can be often thrust upon us and 
we have to learn how to cope. 
We can chose to be vulnerable too. 
I believe in that - it’s part of being an open book.