Monday, July 09, 2018

Where I am at .............


You are beautiful
Every human person is beautiful
EVEN I am beautiful - 

it is still difficult to say 
but I believe.

It is some behaviour which is not beautiful.
Often what we don’t like in another is their behaviour
NOT their personality - 
their unique character.

Most behaviour is driven by emotions.
Only in these last few days
I see a minority of English fans
raiding a local IKEA and trashing it +
scaring the ‘English’ staff who have to clear up !
All driven by emotions but without awareness empathy or care for others.
EMOTIONS are beautiful but they need to be managed - only the individual can do this.
NOT following the crowd!

We all have behaviours
Sometimes they are good
Sometimes they are bad.
We make mistakes - 
respond reactively not strategically
ALL because our emotions rise to the surface quickly and …..
If we don’t train our brain to get into gear quickly - we are  reactors.

We are still responsible for our actions.
For our words.
For our lives lived.

Some behaviours are deliberately 
planned and delivered.
These can be positively beautiful
Negatively wicked.

We are all responsible for our actions -
To the law of our land
To God if we believe ……. or not.

Working with young offenders all my life
I have seen much offending/crime/violence delivered from a reactor-
 - emotional behaviour driven by passion of the dangerous kind.

I have also worked with young and older humans who have planned & delivered
armed robbery and physical vicious attacks.
These is a different kind of behaviours - planned strategic.
These are not mistakes and we are responsible, more-so, for our actions.
Often the law will differentiate between murder 
and man-slaughter.
This is what I am on about.

There is a difference in behaviours - we all make mistakes - often with great regret.

Donald Trump is a beautiful human.
He was created as such - like us all.
An innocent child.
Then - somewhere along his life journey he was polluted by something / someone.
(We are all responsible for our pollution of the planet and/or the pollution of other humans.)

His words
his behaviour is horrific - 
he will be responsible for his actions in eternity.

You may have difficulty associating the the word ‘beautiful’ with TRUMP ............... I do too.
I have difficulty associating the word ‘beautiful’ with myself.
Do you?

He seems to me to be a man driven by 
self promotion - separation 
not WE_WE 
but ME_ME
It works out as hate rather than love.
I want to be driven by LOVE - not hate.

This is where I am at  …………….

YOU are beautiful 
whatever your behaviour …………….
but we all have stuff to work on!