Thursday, November 29, 2007

When I don't know what to Blog about::

.......I think of how I am feeling.

How are you feeling?

Here are
5 words
to describe my life at the moment::


And you ............?

I have had a busy period - the most busy since I went from Community Leadership to working with groups and being useful in terms of facilitating awareness and development.

I have loved the stretch.
Most - most thrilling and positive.
Some of it - I know I would loved to have done better.
I always look at what I do and see strengths and weaknesses.

I have learned so much.
Believe that eyes are wider open - lives changed
love it.

In the run up to Christmas - I have less commitments.
I have a mass in my inbox
I have all my office to sort
and I have to do my tax before year end grrrrrrrrrrr.

Then it is Christmas with daughter Joy - with a collection of beautiful humans.
26/12 we travel back home
27/12 we travel to US to the wedding of the year - please consider reading the blog
The story of Richard and Jen - who get married on 29/12 in Portland Oregon hey hey.

After that we go and stay with Denis and Gretchen who live in Salem Oregon.
Then - go to Chicago and see Julie Benson Julie Benson ..............
We get home on 5/1 hey hey

Never been to these places before - it is a journey into

.............. it will be a shaking experience .........
....... and I am nervy/excited

I must do a Christmas blog on here - and ask a few questions about your Christmas
the meaning
the humans
the purpose
the reasons
and .................... I just want to ask questions and I would love to see your answers .........