Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jenica and Richard

..... all the time I have been moving round - doing my stretch exercise
(leading training sessions)
Jen and Richard have collided in the USA!

The story is wondrous - if you have not been keeping track via here or the Richard blog.
Have click and save for
future inspiration ........

At last Richard managed the visa and it has been beautiful to see the pix and how they have met and all their plans to get married are going ahead.

Me and Joan will be with them on 29/12 in Portland Oregon, to rock and roll them into being together and making a home in Seattle.

Here we see them meeting at the airport.

The last time we saw them together was at Greenbelt and a few days later when we had a curry in Brick Lane ........ and then she flew away waiting her beloved .........

They have had a civil marriage** to speed up the residents visa because he has to wait for three months to be able to work.

Looking forward to seeing you - you special humans ............

......... this is the most beautiful picture**
at last together
designed in heaven
kingdom coming
on earth
as it is
in heaven

I love how both their eyes are shining
I delight
with you
in you.

Joan and me
joining Richard and Jen
in the US on 29th December
for the wedding
what a celebration.