Friday, November 02, 2007

I can say so much about every picture which I download to blogger dot com - or is it upload?
They are a glimpse of one day in my life journey.

The song on my PiPod is from Bugge Wesseltoft with the voice of a woman, from the Congo, who had seen her own children butchered.
I think of my new friend Albert - from the Congo.

Had a last Brick Lane curry out on Monday with and for Richard. With a few friends.
On the way home on the train - Richard Joan and myself, Richard was talking and he paused and said "I am reflecting".
This started a a line of verbalised thought which is worthy of further reflection.
But we did reflect - there and then.
We reflected about reflection!
Joan said something new for me. That she tends to worry more than reflect.
We talked about the difference between worry and reflection.
Worry is just churning an issue over and over without order or conclusion.
Reflection is a process of examination with a conclusion.

Reflection, especially with another human, is a development process.

It is 14 gigs not 13.

Just spent a lot of money on my motor vehicle. Not by choice!

I caught part of a TV drama last night which drew me to watch the second and concluding part tonight. It was called Britz.
Riz Ahmed and Manjinder Virk played brother and sister Sohail and Nasima.
Sohail is an ambitious law undergraduate who signs up with MI5 and, eager to play a part in protecting British security, begins an investigation into a terrorist cell. His sister Nasima is a medical student in Leeds who becomes increasingly alienated and angered by Britain's foreign and domestic policy after witnessing at first hand the relentless targeting of her Muslim neighbours and peers.

With action set in Pakistan, Eastern Europe, London and Leeds, both feature-length episodes detailed a tragic sequence of events from two distinct perspectives. At the heart of this thought-provoking drama is a revealing examination of British Muslim life under current anti-terror legislation.

It was fiction, current, of it's time, tense, disturbing and thought demanding. Well worth watching as it addressed what I believe to be the biggest issue of our time - terrorism - religious polarisation - oppression. The latter came over strong in terms of personal and structural.
Reviews will be out on the web by now. See it if you didn't. Be disturbed if you didn't. I like the disturbing nature of it
but some will hate it ............