Saturday, November 17, 2007

I have just finished a session
I am coming down
ordered a sandwich
no 100% fruit juice around
all have sugar
sooooooo I go for the tea - no milk,ever.

I was asked to lead a session on
'Difficult behaviour'
'Behaving badly'

I decided to do an 'experiential' experience
and lots of reflection to cultivate awareness and skills
the former always follows the latter.

I had a rammed room
140/150? - beautiful humans
all over the floor
no theatre style seating for me
lots sat on the floor
up the stairs
round the corners
too many to move around
but we did.

I encouraged them to jump through a hoop of 'new experience'
three one minute role plays
all involved - not in 'fish-bowl' style
where all watch a role play
all were involved and feeling it
it was chaos
humming chaos
loved it loved it.

The feed-back from observers
was powerful
those in 'child'
those as a 'parent'
it rocked massive

they - told the whole room
they expressed what they
it was electric

All about feeling what a young human feels when they are rejected, put down, little recognition.
How they can pile up negatives, just like we can, which cripple.
We only see a humans behaviour
not their experience
that is what we journey into when we build open relationships
equal open souls
We share experiences
that then tells us about their behaviour
as we journey into a deeper relationship -
adult adult
not child parent
not being another parent in their lives

you are beautiful
you are ...............