Monday, December 10, 2012

Returning to YOUTH WORK ROOTS 9 years ago.

Since I left Community Leadership to go back to my Youth Work roots some nine years ago I have noticed two deprivations. 
I have many deprivation factors in my own life but I reflect here on those I am sensitive about since I left behind management etc. 
1 I am not as involved Internationally and I believe we all need to have international output/input - otherwise our mission is narrow. I do work my mission out in different countries such as Norway, South Africa and Canada forthcoming - but I miss the engagement with root-based humans  as they work at community development issues.I used to travel regularly to Bulgaria and have developed many beautiful relationships over the years. So full of memories. I also attended many International  Conferences and Festival  both drinking at those wells and contributing workshops and fun and games sessions too. I miss them all.
2 I have not had my weekly bible studies as part of a team which kept me on my toes spiritually. For thirty years this was the weekly pattern with the teams I led over 30 years - taking the context of first century Palestine and culturally transposing the principles into practice. Often this was applied to how we dealt with homeless person, young teenagers with mental health, anger, medication, behavioural issues  and more.The transposition of it to the the issues on the agenda was always a challenge. It was great also having the Senior Team taking their turn at being Chair and well as young trainee staff chairing as well. I believe that every Senior Team in a Youth Centred project can structure themselves to ensure young humans are given the opportunities to learn by doing in both Chair role and leading such reflective studies.

I am still a student and leader but now it is largely working alone with teams or groups of young people or staff in various projects.
Just a little late night reflection .............. youarebeautiful ...........