Friday, December 28, 2012

There was something kicking off. Violence

I am told, 
are significant.
The mind alive as we sleep.

Let me tell you about the only one 
I remember::


I woke and jumped out of bed in mili-second because I had severe cramp in my left calf.

It felt like my calf had turned into solid steel.
Painful in extreme
yet only located in this one place.

As I awoke 

I walked up and down quickly, limping, grimacing, gasping for breath and - 
remembered I was having a dream and could remember it as I walked and jumped up and down as the pain subsided::

In a foreign country unfamiliar.
I was trying to help people who were in some sort of conflict.
I was in a street not familiar with.
There was something kicking off.
Violence, potential escalating trouble in this street.
I called to passing Policemen and they turned out to be bad guys.
I woke as I was pulling back one of the Police by his leg - he was trying to climb through a window which I was trying to protect/defend.
It was a tense/aggressive incident.

In the middle of my, now awake thinking and walking up and down to get rid of the cramp, I scribbled some notes down about the dream.
I always forget details of my dreams. These notes helped me to recall the above.

Advice given to me about my gout issues are related to all this. The gout is uric acid not being filtered by the kidneys and it naturally goes to the extremities to protect vital organs - in my case my feet - or legs when I am asleep.
It seems that I over produce adrenaline sometimes.

The Doctor just gives me pain killers/anti-inflamatory tablets.
So I have a regular bi-monthly visits to a homeopath. 
She has asked me lots of questions and has been able to understand me - I am trying to understand me too!
Since these consultations the severe attacks, which leave me unable to walk, have ended but I still get swellings and pain in one of my feet. Sometimes making me limp but able to continue with life and work.

When I have been working in intense situations I have experienced symptoms afterwards. 
When I was working in South Africa for instance. 
A three day facilitation of a training course.
It's me who gets intense because I give everything I have.

This is about the only physical ailment I have or experience at the moment.
And yet it is tied very much to the emotional/spiritual - with physical impact!
It has been interesting to learn about myself ............ ongoing/incomplete/becoming human - me!