Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Book for beautiful humans = you!

My copy still on  it's way !! hey hey.

It is an extended version of a small popular book which I call the BHP book - 
it is about you - a BHP
Beautiful Human Person.

It is now enhanced and physically enlarged and beautiful as a gift to someone.
It is FULL of affirmations.
It has a gentle non oppressive/loving message of God's love - the best kind - the only kind if it is true LOVE = Unconditional.

Have a look at the preview by following the link. HERE

Available as a paperback with eBook/iBook versions coming soon.

You are a Beautiful Human Person

Paperback, 41 Pages 
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Price: £6.00
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This is a book to touch the heart. All of us have felt rejected and undervalued. This book is an antidote! It reveals how beautiful we truly are...and how valuable. Ideal as a present for a friend in need of encouragement