Monday, December 17, 2012

That’s what Christmas is about

On this journey through life, we need – we all need companions. 
Givers and takers all around us. 

The best companion is knowing that "I am loved - 100% - all of the time. 
I am valuable, precious – even when I cock up – especially when I fail, stumble, crumble………" 

That’s what Christmas is about – firstly. 
That wholeness of God, joining us on our life journey, holding hands with us 
(it is always there – that Godly hand – even when we pull it away like we are just about eleven years old and think we are all grown up now) God with us, sometimes carrying us. 
Sometimes walking in front of us to shelter us from the storm. 
Sometimes brushing away the hair from our eyes, sometimes…
…. absorbing the moisture of a tear with his finger tips. 
God with us the best Christmas present – presence. 
Go on……..reach out that hand – she is there.