Tuesday, December 11, 2012

URBAN DEPRIVATION. Gangs. Crime. All poverty.

In the northern hemisphere, the urban poor live predominantly within inner cities. 
In the southern hemisphere, they cluster mainly around the cities. 
Most of those in the northern hemisphere would be classified as relatively poor, 
whereas almost all in the southern hemisphere are absolutely poor. 
Despite many differences in the groupings of the poor, 
the Brandt Report and research by UNA and the WHO clearly indicate that urban poor worldwide have in common:

• feelings of powerlessness, insignificance, frustration, and despair
• fearfulness of the future
• low health expectation
• inadequate housing
• unemployment or underemployment
• insufficient money
• poor provision for education
• a higher rate of crime
• political turmoil

These don't mention
Emotional and Spiritual poverty.
Neither do the UK statistics on Urban Deprivation.
A poverty that imprisons the spirit.

In my 1979 study of gangs when I was working in East London with many young humans who lived a life of crime -  I considered the impact of the deprivation factors and concluded that the greatest impact was Emotional Deprivation'.
The young humans involved in crime for cash and violence for fun had few other options as it was the Thatcher years of great youth unemployment. Their intelligence and skills were being used in lives of crime rather than being used for the common good - or their personal well bing. 
Becoming ............

The trickle down theory didn't work - and never has done/will do.

Some of my work in these days are reflected in the book Gutter Feelings, NOW republished and extended, to cover some of my ongoing mission to counter the slide into poverty by wasted battered dysfunctional lives.

I like the first bullet point above. FEELINGS.
I have feelings for all of these beautiful humans
and the issues of urban deprivation.

"Seek the Shalom of the city .................."

Gutter Feelings

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Gutter Feelings Pip Wilson has been on the frontline of Youth Work for many years, including much intensive work and love for young offenders. He feels with the Gutter Feelings of the toughest of teenage gangs and wants, at the same time, to disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. This is a book about putting Christian principles into practice and living it out – the failure, the hurt, the wounds and the hope. It is a faith journey of a human being... becoming.