Saturday, December 08, 2012

BUT the greatest of these is love.

But - the greatest of these is Love.

You will work with a range of humans - 
young and old. 

You will be working with young humans 
from different backgrounds. 

You may have the privilege of those with 
Polish accents,
Albanian accents
Pakistani accents
other faiths

other cultures, 
those with a differing economic status, 
academic abilities and more. 

You will understand them fully 
ONLY if there is intimacy. 

Building a positive, 
helping relationship 
seems to me 
to be pretty important. 

No matter what the cultural background, 
economic, academic state may be - 
there is one language 
which is understood by all. 

That is the language of Love.

Love needs to predominate 
over our passion for engagement, 

sport, faith, relationships, church whatever. 

They can tell if you love them. 
Love seeps through the pores of your skin, 
in your eyes, in your face and body language.
Especially your facial expression = 55% of communication.

Love is largely non-verbal, 
just like all communication.

May you journey into love. 
Falling increasingly in love -
passionately with your creator.