Monday, December 17, 2012

..and sometimes I feel a feeling - of failure. Sometimes success.

..and sometimes I feel
a feeling - of failure.
Sometimes success.

Funny how I am suddenly startled
by the feelings
my brain is signalling to me
as the brain picks up the pulsing waves
from the implanted monitoring system - my feelings.

'He who never hurt ridicules the scars of others'
William Shakespeare

Sometimes I am not aware of feelings.
I just get on.
Most of the time I have little triggers
which guide my sensitivity to others,
my verbal, my touching, my non-verbal language.

My feelings are raw sometimes.
Particularly when I am with humans
who are
-pleading attention
-erratic with moods
-oozing obnoxious behaviour
-hurting and saying it or showing it
-loud .......... and the reason isn't fun
-start to get aggressive
just because they are telling me about
an incident
a relationship
a feeling of rejection.

This happens during group work
and also in many informal situations.

When you make yourself available,
a willing 'helping friend',
the opening act begins.
The petals will start to open,
sunshine warming the bud,
the beautiful creation,
of the flower before me -
becoming ...