Saturday, December 29, 2012

....stood in front of a train to die.....


3 x beautiful humans
these days last year -
stood in front of a train
to die.

So inexpressibly sad.

It gives me deep feelings that 1 precious life
could contemplate such a thing.
End their life.

Tragedy also
train driver
emergency services
closest and nearest
work colleagues
local people like me.
Tragic for so many.

I have felt down.
I mood-swing like all of us - I think
but few tell you - so just guessing.

I know and have known
so many who suffer depression.
Some who daily felt suicidal.
Such tough experiences 
for me second-hand
for them
a life of pain.

I am no expert on these matters.
I strive to understand emotions.
Emotional Literacy.
Emotional Intelligence.
But these feelings to drive a BHP to suicide - 
I struggle to understand.

I know depression is an illness.
One in which people can feel shame.
I feel that.

If you know anyone going through this sort of thing
They need you as a friend.
We all need totally accepting friends.
Total unconditional love.
We need to wave some sort of flag
to let others know we are available.
No opinions - just an ear.

If you are one who suffers in any small
or larger way .........
Find someone to talk with.
Someone who you can feel comfortable with.
Don't leave too late.
Later you may not have the courage to talk - share - confide.

I am always available if anyone want to collide.
An email could be the start (pip@ - see my CONTACT page here)

The main thing is to talk.
Pretending you feel OK is a disastrous road.
It drives people under cover - deeper .........

I feel deeply about these things.
I wanted to share my feelings.