Friday, January 30, 2015

BECOMING all that we can become.

An ability, within a developing skill, 
to recognise & monitor our own emotions 
and other people's emotions
and an ability to develop empathy with their emotions.
Alongside having ability to flexibly label/tag them appropriately 
(emotional Literacy), 
to use emotional information (signals) 
to guide our own thinking, 
attitude and behaviour 
to be 
Love with SKIN on !


In my mission of becoming
and helping others
to get on this road
of becoming .........
and journeying on 
(we cannot NOT journey ON
if we are on the road to becoming 
all that we can become)
I work at whole person development.

It seems to me that we need to develop
in all areas of life
not just one area / aspect.

We as outsiders cannot decide which area
another BHP develops.
We are all unique 
with unique life experiences
and particles of make-up
than anyone else on the planet.

Something important to me,
where I am at now,
and of course that will be different 
tomorrow - 
because I am always becoming -
is the emotional and spiritual.
In me
In others
In dynamics of groups

As I work with groups
more methods are being created.
More experiential exercises are unfolding
as I stretch myself and those around me.

(Every group is different.
Every group moves at a different pace
and I always have modules I can inject
depending on how open and ready
a group is or not).

Sometimes one person in a whole group of
even 50 - 100 people can influence the 
EQ by being riskily open about their life.
We can step up into taking risks for
our own collective development.

I love the quote from Anne Lamott.
"Never compare
your own
with someone else's

Get the inside
on the road to becoming
and we are on the best road.