Saturday, January 03, 2015

Life is a '?' = a question mark - NOT a 'tick'

I always write when I am in an airport lounge, 
waiting rooms, 
away from my home-base &
the pile of distractions.

My current thoughts and stumbling into activity is around the thought::

Life is a '?' = a question mark
not a 'tick'  = answers

Our first explorations as a baby are::
the mouth
the toes
the - between the legs

The longest exploration
the longest journey
the deepest journey
is the journey inwards

we will never stop
the mouth
the toes - my toenails need cutting
and between the legs ......

The journey inwards is like 
tapping the depths of the deepest ocean
the deepest and darkest forrest
the deepest and darkest outer space

All this is linked to my thoughts about
"growth does not reside in a place called comfortable"
the human 'being'
is different than a
human 'becoming'

When I left Community Leadership
some eleven years ago
the decision was based on
knowing what I was good at

and believing I could do some good
and wanting to do more of it freelance
sacrificing freedom for security
that was the predominant principle at that time
and still is one of my guiding top ten.

Amazing the number of humans who said to me
'I would love to leave my job and do what I believe I am good at but'
(someone once said to me that after a 'but' - comes the bullshit)
'but - I can't afford to do that ....
'I would feel insecure .....
'I would have to leave behind the status as a CEO or whatever ......
' It is too much risk ......


"In times of change
the learners
will inherit the earth
while the knowers,
will find themselves
beautifully equipped
to deal with a world
that no longer exists."

Try kissing some scars
Try walking in someone else's shoes
Try making a mistake as a learning experience
Try loving the unlovely
Try a vision for others not self
Try downward mobility instead of upwards
Try a worse home
Try a poorer community
Try a battered and hopeless church
Try disturbing your comfortable
Try comforting your disturbed
Try pain when comfortable
Try comfort when in pain
Try grit in your oyster
Try kissing frogs
Enjoying Princes

Try loving yourself like you have never been hurt ........