Thursday, January 01, 2015

These are a few of my Favourite things in 2014


Album                      * London Grammar 
Single track              * Kate Tempest 'Lonely Daze' from Album 'Everybody Down'
Book                         * Daniel Goleman 'Leadership: 'The power of Emotional Intelligence'
Blog                          *
Web-site                   * The Home of Blob Tree Materials.
Journey                    * Rheims, France with Jen and Richard Vinod.
Gift                           * From Greenbelt Festival after 38 years on the Board of Trustees - loved and will love forever.
Gig                           * Peterborough CRUSE Training Day 'When the cheese is falling off your cracker'

Joke                        * I would like to thank my arms, for always being by side. My legs, for always supporting me, 
                                   & my fingers…because I can always count on them
Software                  * 'Get iPlayer Automator' Captures music which I soak into my soul.

Buy                          * Battery/Rear Spring/Injector/Brake Pads Discs*Essential  = Car with 89k miles on clock.
Blob Tool                  * 'Blob Upstream' which gets people considering the past and impact downstream= NOW

Drink                        * 'Angel Dor' - in Majorca - similar to Cointreau my favourite, but a too expense liqueur for me.
Learning                  * Every 121 opportunity, every workshop I led - amazing how much stimulus and learning for me.

Slow food                * MrsBeautiful's 50th Wedding Anniversary with the man she loves at Abode Canterbury. 
Blessing                  * Daughter Ann announcing her new baby to be - sometime in June 2015
DJ                           * Gilles Peterson - continued to feed my soul with music - fresh and always new adventuring
Publication              * The YMCA TOOLBOX Book bespoke for the world wide Y -

Festival experience * Anne Lamott @Greenbelt talking freely about her alcoholism and faith.
TV Series                * Homeland
Injustice                  * The massive bombing of Gaza - adding massive death to an oppressive occupation lock-down 
Pipstagram              * The large celebrity in my life Conniepops age 5 in February forthcoming.

Event                       * Must be our 50th Wedding Anniversary back in October - and we are still going!
Cafe                         * Timberyard Cafe, Seven Dials Covent Garden, London - Love it Love it!

Restaurant               * Da Mario Italian, Covent Garden, London
Partnership              * Ian Long - Artiste with -  great to work with him

Pipturesque             * Conniepops