Sunday, February 15, 2015

#Norway #Alesund #Mitzi #Kayla reality bites back home

I returned from working in Norway this week.
I was distressed first day back.

Norway was as great as usual.
It was unusual.
For 23 years I have been going there
but this time the main focus
was a Rolling Magazine Show - 
you may recall these events?

It was great pulling together
a two hour crazy non-stop Youth Programme.
Torgrim was on the decks
20 in the ‘same-day-trained’ RM Team
a great PA system/crazy games
and hundreds of teenager
bopping & having a fun dancing singing time.
Loved it.

The distressed bit was 
a 4 year old caught up in a runaway lorry accident.
Mitzi Steady was killed.
Her Grandmother seriously injured
and I felt it.
I thought of MrsBeautiful looking after Conniepops
our Grandaughter and felt deeply the tragedy.
How horrible the loss.
The pain.

Then I read about the young woman
murdered by the so called ISIS group
and the letter written home to her parents.
This whole scene - so ugly ……..

The letter home so beautiful ……..

Midst that locally
a 14 year old girl killed on a railway crossing.
So often used by people to end their lives.

The reality of life hitting me back home.
For five days I had not read or viewed the world news.
I want to live in reality.
I want to feel the pain of/in the world
and do my part in the healing ……..

A love that will not let me go ……..