Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"An emotional and educational read.." #Prison #Anger #Faith 2 #Men in #rich #dialogue

"An emotional and educational read that charts an individuals struggle with anger 
and the challenging environment that they are forced to live in. 
The book offers solutions; useful tools and antidotes that we can employ as individuals to help us know ourselves and 'shore up' that Achilles heel. 
The book encourages us to take that leap of faith 
and rise from the ashes bathed in the knowledge of self worth and self discovery."

Jenn Mac

By Paul Wilson

This 1-2 sitting read is a rich dialogue between two fascinating men, captured through old-fashioned letter writing, that reveals the harsh nature of many people's lives in contemporary Britain. Bobby is a spirited, creative, entrepreneurial and surprisingly reflective man whose litany of very bad deeds finally catches up with him, until he finds himself in prison for the first time. Pip - a modern-day youth worker/saint, encourages Bobby to write everything he's thinking and feeling down, and as the letters progress, coaxes more and more soul-searching out of Bobby. Remarkably Bobby and Pip agree to publish the correspondence and now the reader can experience the deep dialogue about broken dangerous lives, peppered with courage, hope and belief. Its gutsy stuff, and its worth it.

Between the Bars
By Pip Wilson Bobby Hossain