Saturday, January 24, 2015

yes I was #violent - I had a different head on in those days - my heart and #soul was not on a road of becoming

If you know me
you know my sport.
I am not really a sportsman
I am a one sport human.

Really narrow band.
Can't really be interested in any other  sport

Lancashire Hotpot
Musshy Peas
Just like these 
#RugbyLeague is ingrained into my bloodstream.
Culture you may call it.

I love #RugbyLeague 
I played in the park from age 5 onwards with all the guys
big guys
little guys
thick lips
black eyes
bruises everywhere.

Then I played for Blackbrook RLFC the best amateur team in the world 
( I would say that wouldn't I ?)
I played for several #RugbyLeague clubs growing up well into my 20's.
Later on in life I was working at Vulcan Foundry in Newton-le-Willows in the North West UK and they had 15 Rugby Union teams - (don't really care about this game as it is all push and shove to me - melee me thinx !)

But I was working in the factory with other guys who played and drunk lots of beer afterwards - so being too old for #RugbyLeague 

I started to play the Onion game - and worked my way up to play for the 2nd team and roughed up a few posh boys who thought you played 'clean' ! 
- yes I was violent - I had a different head on in those days - my heart and soul was not on a road of becoming ........ - and drunk lots of beer

All this is because the NEW #RugbyLeague season is about to start and I will be a hot supporter of The Saints - St Helens #RugbyLeague Team - my home town
WITH MrsBeautiful we will be excited supporters through to next October/November.

This vid is a little taste of what it is like for me and MrsBeautiful 
Play it FULL SCREEN if you can - and turn it up.

Come on the Saints