Sunday, April 19, 2015

I conduct #Training - #Facilitation with all sorts of gatherings and #Teams

My Mission, never called WORK, since I left factory life at age 26, 
is to reach out to the hard to reach - full time. 
I have a passion to reach out to:: 
Those on the fringe of a group, the loudest teenage gangs, the hard surfaced 
(who ALL have beautiful souls) 
facilitating learning experiences for workers on urban frontiers who are working to support young humans who are often seen as disposable by systems and government policies.

Specialising in Experiential Learning, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Literacy, Managing emotions and managing my own behaviour to be able to assist others to manage their own, often vitally critical, behaviour.
Creating and using Blob Tree Tools to facilitate humans on their self determined life journey.

I am often asked 'what do you do' ......... and it is not simple to explain experiences of learning.
They are all different - unique because each individual and the group are.
This is something in a way of introduction.

I am good at conducting starter sessions at conferences and any gathering of humans, large or small. 
I am used to large numbers - and love small groups of course.

I have facilitated sessions for qualitative researchers, school staff, prison staff, youth workers, clergy, business teams, CEO's, Chairs CEO's and the young people they serve - together.
I can get all sorts of humans into a climate of trust and therefore willing to take risks for their own development.
I find that I can share things from my own work, without knowing much about other professions present, 
and participants can take the principles and transpose them quite easily to their own work and challenges.

I do verbal input all the time, in an Informal Education style, but usually have all present on their feet and moving about::
- motion changes emotion 
- being active 
- having fun 
- opening up beautifully ...... 
and usually they find this refreshing and energising. 

Also I use Blob Tools and other methods which engage humans and draw them into each other and out ....
Once I am there with you and objectives agreed -  
I will facilitate as many sessions and inputs - dialogues as requested ...... I like to work hard and relax hard!

I would need to see your objectives. 
I will need to become aware of context and issues around and within the group I will work with.

They are some opening thoughts as I listen to Sigur Ros - an Icelandic group ...... so beautiful ......

Please use the CONTACT on my website. 
A few minutes chat may help.

Pip Wilson.