Thursday, April 23, 2015

#Men and #Mental Health - 'MAN-UP by talking about #FEELINGS

You will know I am a #RugbyLeague supporter if you read this space regularly.
AND a Saints fan.
The letter below is from The Rugby League Newspaper which we get through the post every week.
It highlight a real issue for us, in the whole of society, as well as MEN  especially!

12 men will die in the UK today from SUICIDE.
Us men need to learn how to talk about our feelings.
It is something we can learn.
So 'Man - up' is not about hiding feelings - it is about sharing them.

Last Monday the BBC Panorama programme 'Suicide in the Family , showcased the innovative work of State of Mind Sport in tackling stigma and preventing suicide. 
Rugby League was praised for leading the way in its imagmative approach in reaching and engaging men who are well known to be reluctant to seek help and talk about the difficulties they may be experiencing. 

I wish to acknowledge and pay tribute to Danny and Paul Sculthorpe and lan Knott for their exemplary contribution to the programme, which will have significantly impacted on the thinking and attitudes of viewers and hopefully encourage others who experience depression and may be struggling to see a hopeful future. 
All three showed physical bravery on the field of play and have subsequently revealed depths of mental courage in speaking out in the commendable way they do. 
State of Mind Sport are grateful for the support they receive from the Rugby League community and assure readers of their continued commitment to promoting mental fitness and wellbeing and preventing suicide! 

Malcolm Rae OBE, 
Co-founder of 
State of Mind Sport 

LINK TO THE BBC iPlayer programme