Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pain in the leg - nothing compared with the INNER

My right knee 
sometimes gives me some gip. 
I remember it getting a big twist in my rugby days. 

I was strapped up for weeks afterwards.

Three big tacklers swung me around, - a big hit,
and my foot stayed firmly in the mud. 
I twisted and the knee took the pain.

I was strapped up for weeks really bandaged up large. 
I remember having trouble driving.
It was painful in extreme but nothing broken. 

It still hurts with sharp niggle in the side - general ache. 
I will keep doing my stretches. 
"He jests at scars who never felt a wound" 
William Shakespeare 
This journey - this 'road less travelled', is full of thorny brambles. 
I have led many courses called ‘The Road Less Travelled'
As with every course, 
people present had been caught in those thorns 
and carried the scars. 
Me too. 
“Everyone we meet
is fighting a battle
we know nothing about”
That makes doing a course with people 
who are on that journey 
all the worthwhile. 
A big objective on these courses
is to encourage all
to get on that road to BECOMING.

If we feel the pain of life 
we are much more willing to grapple 
with the questions of life. 
If we skate over it, push it aside, 
it only comes back when we hit the next hurdle. 

Having the tools to handle life does not come naturally …
'We cannot play the piano 
just because we can tap the keys with our fingers.’

We need skills before we can play a decent tune. 

We need to develop emotional awareness and skills.
We can learn this stuff.
Just because we struggle with ugly feelings
doesn’t mean we can’t learn
We can develop ‘inner' skills which enable us to 
make ‘outer' decisions in terms of

I want to feel those feeling as I journey. 
Learn from everyone.
They are all signals.
They are all information.

Feel them clock them, 
and then work them out. 
Not leaving them to fester. 

It must be terrible to feel no pain.