Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Blob Tree 'PARIS ATTACKS' communication tool in practice

Great feedback from a Youth Worker
who used 
with a youth group.

A good example of how to use/getting people of all ages to reflect on this major issue in the world.

Thank you James for your permission.


Just wanted to say that the resource worked brilliantly. It took a couple of minutes for our leaders/volunteers and young people to get their heads round it, but once they had it worked better than I could have imagined. It really opened a lot of in depth discussions and provided  all of them with assistance in how to express themselves in relation to what went on.
The ability to be able to use it as a means for the young people to express how they felt initially, to how they feel now, and to where they want to progress to was particularly useful as it opened up conversations about how they are already starting to shift and change how they feel meaning that their end target seemed far more realistic and attainable to them.
We used it for a group of 14 11-14 year olds in an after school group we run at our church. And split the 14 of them into smaller groups and projected the picture onto a screen that they could easily go up to and point at if they needed to. It did mean we had 4 people up pointing at different ones at various points but this added to the small group discussions and conversations.
So do pass on our gratitude for the resource and that it was definitely very successful in the group we used.
James Yielder
Assistant Youth Minister
Knowle Parish Church