Monday, January 12, 2015

Big Book of Blob Feelings 2 - NEW BOOK from #BlobTree Materials

Big Book of Blob Feelings 2

Apr 2015
This practical resource is a follow-on from the hugely successful ‘Big Book of Blob Feelings’. Big Book of Blob Feelings 2 is designed to be used as an extension of the work covered in the original.
A special selection of photocopiable blob pictures designed for work on feelings. Arranged into four sections, the contents include:
  • Blob Theory - Blob trees the id/ego/superego, needs, shadows
  • Emotions - anger, anger cycle, calm, depression, disappointed, happy, hate, hyper, jealousy, lonely, mixed-up, numb, paranoia, rejection, sad, trauma, worry
  • Developmental/issues - bridge, clouds, doors, feelings, holes, pit, pitch, stairs, families, home.
Each picture is accompanied by ideas and questions to kick start class, group or one-to-one discussion.
Complete book included on accompanying CD Rom.