Sunday, January 11, 2015

I believe we are a beautiful creation but ..........

..... Beautiful ........
 I believe we are a beautiful creation but, 
as we see in the daily life around us, 
(and within) 
there is much wholeness to discover - 
as we journey.

You are beautiful.
Do you feel that?
It is not always possible for me or you to feel that - eh?
But, more importantly, it is vital to believe that.
It is vital to believe we/you/me are beautiful.
It is like seeing the glass half full rather than half empty.
It is like seeing the person in front of us as beautiful rather than the behaviour that makes us cringe, look away, and swallow with distaste.
You are beautiful.

Maslow says life is like a step ladder.
Rungs of a ladder.
We first need the basic human needs meeting -food -shelter .........
The next rung is safety - security - arms unfolded - 
relaxed enough to take risks for own development. 
Some of us never feel safe enough to step any further. 
Do you feel safe and secure?
The next rung waiting is recognition - dignity - 
and on to the next rung - a sense of achievement.
Onwards as we grip the next rung and feel safe 
to gain autonomy and reach out for the top rung
 ........ Wholeness ..........

Dag Hammeskfold, 
former United Nations Secretary General, said;
"The longest journey is the journey inward" (Jung also!)
Them rungs start and continue as an internal journey. 
How we live, interact, transact, relate, behave are all from the source 
- that interior self.
That is why I love the spiritual 
- the emotional 
- the internal dialogue and 
that journey and relationship and 
finger tip touching with the Creator 
of this dynamic life journey.
Central values to me.

So ................. no living by habit.
BREAK them.
Amputate habits.
Otherwise we set ourselves up for a Scrooge-full old age!

Compulsive Imperfectionist
Compulsive Beautitionist