Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Little Conniepops is 5 today - happy birthday beautiful human

Little Conniepops is 5 today.
She brings such life into our lives.
My life.

She is full of energy and play.
She grabs you to play her latest creative fun.
Her imagination runs wild.
Wether it is here at Wilson Mansions
or in her own home she is so positive
outgoing, hug-full and always calls me 

The only person in the world who can call me Grandad.

She is doing well at school.
Reading books already.
The Teacher says "Every class needs a Conniepops"

It's different having a Conniepops than our own children
which was always a Joy - but being Grandparents is so different.
She seems to mature so much between every visit
and I love the daily Facetime calls.

It is great to see her amongst her little friends.
She hugs them, goes out to the shy ones - the crying ones.

She so loves her Grandma who has spent a lot of time with her since birth. The regular weekly child-minder.
I great bond between the generations.
THAT is so beautiful for both of them and it will last forever.

Happy Birthday my Beautiful
I look forward to all your birthdays
or as many as possible