Sunday, December 18, 2005


hey ...... I have been away but now back at base - ready to launch myself into the last week before Christmas....... but I want to flag up again that I am about to produce my annual Selection Box of favourite grooves/tracks of the year 2005.

I do this every year and offer to send it free - (not to all your friends) but just you and others who click my blog ..... it free you and will be sent in the new year.
It will have 14 tracks with a mixture of music that excites me. You may know a few - you may not like a few - but this is my delights from a massive pile of albums which have grabbed my soul this year.

It is so tough to trim it down to 14...... but it is almost done .....So if you want one
send me an email with;

SUBJECT BOX; Selection Box
and send your address in the body of your email.

Last year I sent out about 50 ..............there will be no cost but ...... it may cost you ............ because
I will ask you to
Saying hello every day to your local Vicky Pollard.

I think this is the last time I will post about this ........ so over to you my beautiful blogFriends ......