Tuesday, December 23, 2014

#Christmas programme

We are going to Sheilas Christmas Day - and 
ours on Boxing Day
with both the Sheilas & their men + Conniepops.
It will be great.

I used to send out a mini eNews, back in the day,
to about 3000+ humans who registered on my eNews list,
also to about 1500 others who are in my address book 
but now
I just click here and encourage people to get a daily email automatically - see above.
I don't know who does this
or how many - 

but thank you if you do ....

I write for my soul
to get stuff out
but also for you
offering my reflections into your life
and I would love to/welcome yours ..........

Before & Come January 
I will continue the Road Less Travelled adventures 
and  wonder what adventures they will be.
We can plan certain things
but many happening come at us unplanned eh?

I am aware of certain humans in my life 
who are facing Christmas without many positives.
I feel deeply for them/you - 
if you have some tough days ahead.

You are beautiful
Christmas is here to prove it
that you are beautiful.
not the human made one
the first one
the real one.

Because I work with humans who say::
"I hate Christmas"
I feel things about Christmas 
which are beyond self and family.
To manage my step back from frontline work - 
and take a break
(for years Joan and me have worked to give many living in hostels the best possible Christmas)
...... to manage this
I have the a saying which I have clicked here before::
"I am responsible to people - not for people"

...... so I have clicked a few words from my stumbling fumbling soul.
Soul undressing ......
Seeing behind 
the behaviour, 
the mask, 
the army uniform
the Police uniform
the colour of skin
I see a beautiful human 
who Christmas was aimed at
as with you
as with me
and especially …………………… (fill in yourself bit) 

“ We are sick as we are secret” 
John Berryman. Poet 

As the violence and the loudness, 
the oppression, 
the killing at home or abroad – 
I have decided to make my life an act of love. 

Let us join the vulnerable babe this Christmas. 
Maskless vulnerability. 

So love can get in. 
So love can get out.

Stay with me over the coming days ...
Listen to the beautiful music here .....
Read a few words as I reflect the journey 
to and through the new year .......

Love came at Christmas
Into straw poverty ..........