Wednesday, October 15, 2014

#RugbyLeague #BenFlower #Violence and great #YouAreBeautiful stuff.

I have, we have, been away for a few days.
It was a rare occasion.
We were celebrating 50 years of marriage!
BUT back now and action stations.

My rugby team hit the headlines this last week-end.
We won the Grand #RugbyLeague FINAL.
Wilson Mansions over the moon here.

Here are the highlights of the game via YouTube.
The incident in the first 2 minutes went viral world wide.
NOT because of the game principally, but the sad act of violence.
You will see it at the start of this clip.

We were abroad and only heard the first few minutes of the game on radio.
It was a ferocious start even without the big bad incident and the RED card.
(The only time EVER in a Grand Final that someone has been sent off)
So we did not watch the game or hear it!
We just heard the 2 minutes then the result later via Twitter.
A great win for us.
MrsBeautiful and me watched it on record last night when we returned home.
Big in our lives this game.

What I want to reflect on is the Ben Flower violence and the resulting apology from him,
accepted by Lance Hohaia - our guy. 
#RugbyLeague players have to move on because it is a contact sport and incidents do happen. 
Ben Flower has been banned for 6 months however.
Forgiveness is part of moving on
BUT we have to take responsibility for our behaviour.

I was delighted by this piece below from our well respected St Helens Chairman.
I think rap forgiveness and also caring not vindictive and bullying.

Have a read at this and then watch the film.

Stay Beautiful - live it ...........

The St Helens chairman, Eamonn McManus, said: 
“These matters have to be dealt with by the appropriate body within the game and it has been. 
Whilst serving his ban it is critical that Ben is now provided all due personal and professional support. 
His rehabilitation is now paramount. 
During the period of his ban he will be no more than a 25-year-old [sic] boy who will be extremely vulnerable emotionally. 
We must assist him in any way that we can and accept him back into the sport.

There is a person behind the player and I am reliably informed by all that it is a good one. 
He must know that from all. 
Lance Hohaia certainly feels that way towards him also. 
The sport of rugby league should not be judged by this event but by how it deals with it.”