Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What you doing Pip?

What am I doing?
I am creating experiences
to stimulate human development.
Humans becoming.

I use BlobTree Tools to do this
and clips from movies
experiential exercises all which stretch.
ALL which get the gathered to communicate 
more openly
more authentically
more learning
more deep breathing
more sensitivity
more awareness
more skills.

It is beautiful
to get everyone learning from one another.
We all have so much to offer.
That's my job.

Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable
so some of what I facilitate is stretch
always affirmative
always about personal development 
and the same for others.

The world is in need of lovers.
The planet
and the people.

That't what I do.

I make mistakes.Always falling short of my own aims.
Sometimes not meeting human needs because
is fighting a battle
that we will never know about.

We can't help to meet needs unless we can get close