Thursday, January 22, 2015

#Housing crisis leaving #YoungPeople “trapped”

Housing crisis leaving young people “trapped”

According to research released by the YMCA, four out of five young people living in supported housing are worried about what they will do when they are ready to move on. 
‪Supported accommodation provides a lifeline for those who face homelessness. 
‪However, the London housing market can make it difficult for those who use supported income to return to independent living. 
‪The research from the YMCA shows 56 per cent of residents say they feel ready to move on but are unable to.
One in five say they have been waiting over six months for the chance. 
‪The lack of low-cost housing is thought to contribute to the problem and the reluctance of many landlords to rent to those on low income.
The research says 30 per cent are unable to save money for a deposit. 
‪Though this affects those using the supported accommodation themselves, it has a wider impact too as there are huge delays for the newly homeless people who need a roof over their heads, but are unable to as there are no empty places. 
‪Being unable to move on from supported accommodation not only significantly delays an individual’s development and move to independence, with resulting costs for the Government and the public, it also means longer waiting lists and delays for newly homeless people.
‪Ashley, 24, from Dartford, told Wake Up London about her experience.
She went to the YMCA after leaving an abusive partner and spent 18 months living at South London YMCA. 

Unsurprisingly, London is one of the worst affected areas. To discuss this was Liam Preston, Policy Officer, YMCA.