Monday, March 23, 2015

#Warrington Homeless

YMCA driven to raise awareness on homelessness 

A CHARITY devoted to working with young people and providing emergency accommodation is striving to raise awareness on the plight of homelessness in the town.
YMCA Warrington, based on Winmarleigh Street, is working closely with authorities and partner agencies to bring an end to the problem.

YMCA Warrington is working closely with authorities and partner agencies to bring an end to the problem of homelessness.
Warrington Borough Councilpledged to make its vision to end homeless in the town by 2018 a 'reality' in December and the plans continue to gain support from influential figures across the town.
MP David Mowat attended the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Great Sankey on March 1, where those in attendance were told of the seriousness of the situation.
He was joined by parliamentary candidates Nick Bent, Bob Barr and Stefan Krizanac, in what has proved to be welcome support for YMCA and the Room at the Inn project.
"Room at the Inn will work with local authorities for as long as is necessary,” said Susan Blythe, founder and manager of YMCA.
The charity is currently appealing for volunteers in order to ensure support can be offered to as many people as required.
Susan, who often trawls the streets to offer help to those sleeping rough, added: “An uncertain horizon means that we rely on faith groups' efforts for support.
"Donations of clothing, food, sleeping bags and toiletries are always welcome."
The Room at the Inn currently has 10 sleep cubicles and provides sleeping bags to those left to sleep on the streets.
The new chairman of the inn, Brian Monaghan, is vowing to tackle the matter and invited Tammy Johnston, who is also a public affairs specialist for the Latter-Day Saints church, onto the committee in January.