Thursday, March 26, 2015

My current reading about the teenage brain.

I am reading a book about the teenage brain.
Latest chapter was about bumps to the head.
Blows to the head and what happens in the skull as the brain bounces around in the protective fluid.
How important it is to take any knock seriously especially for young people or children.
It's good how my sport, #RugbyLeague , and others are dealing with slightly concussed players quiet militarily.

Sometimes there is a delay of days/weeks - even longer before there are symptoms.
I have seriously tried to remember if I had a head blow in my childhood because my learning is slow - and still is. 
I was nearly a teen before I could read!
Our Conniepops wrote down an order for an Indian takeaway for four adults just by listening to us word 'chicken tikka biriani' etc - and she is only just turned five years old.

I still can't spell (thank you for your consistent help Miss Spellchecker) !