Friday, April 10, 2015

Charles Tolliver Music and conversation - LISTEN HERE

GREAT artiste
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Strata-East // Charles Tolliver In Conversation

By Gilles Peterson Worldwide

 Gilles met the man behind the seminal Strata-East jazz record label, Charles Tolliver for an in-depth chat. They discuss Charles' beginnings, moving to NYC, the ethos behind the label, working with legendary musicians such as Jackie McLean, Max Roach and Horace Silver, as well as releasing Gil Scott Heron's 'The Bottle'.

Charles Tolliver - Prayer For Peace
Jackie McLean - It's Time
Jackie McLean - Revillot
Jackie McLean - Truth
Booker Irvine - Stolen Moments
Hank Mobley - The Morning After
Max Roach - Abstrutions
Charles Tolliver - Brilliant Circles
Charles Tolliver - Effi
Charles Tolliver - Mournin' Variations
Gil Scott Heron - The Bottle
Jackie MacLean - On The Nile
M'Boom - Morning, Noon, Midday
Horace Silver - Psychedelic Sally
Charles Tolliver's Music Inc - Wilpan's”