Wednesday, April 08, 2015

FROM a wondrous book Divine Beauty by John O'Donohue

FROM a wondrous book
Divine Beauty
by John O'Donohue

One year in university at the end of the semester 
I returned home for the summer holidays. 
When I walked into the kitchen my father looked up at me 
and I saw something in his gaze that I had never seen before. 

Some finality had entered his looking. 
Whether it was out in the mountains or among the fields around the house, 
his eyes had glimpsed a door opening towards him. 

His countenance had become more luminous 
and his natural gentleness was being claimed by a new silence. 

As we held each other for a moment in that gaze 
I knew death had picked his name out. 

Days later illness arrived and in three weeks the door of death had closed behind him. 
The gaze had revealed everything; time had stood still. 

The image of that gaze has always remained with me 
for it was a moment of the deepest and most tender knowing, 
a momenta radiant with the strange beauty of sadness.

John O'Donohue