Thursday, November 26, 2015

I want to explore beyond the shell I live in.

We can lie to ourselves
about our feelings
our work
our purpose.

I am not what I do
I am not what is seen
I am not what I would like to be.

I want to join the dots
between the outer and inner me.

I want to explore
beyond the shell I live in.
To get to know

I am always reflecting
talking about 
(Level Five Communication)

Only recently, 
on a training day I led,
the impact was wondrous
as I facilitated L5 experientially.

Many grabbed the concept
to use
on self
in their work with others
as Counsellors
as Psychotherapists 
as Social Workers
as Family Workers
as Youth Workers

It was about joining the dots.
About awareness - YES
but practical as a skill.

Search my
with those keywords
and you will find many
as I dig deep to understand
every human.

The lies we whisper
or speak
kick off
when we add flour to our feelings.

Communication really kicks off
when we communicate feelings
through every pore.
If we can’t share feeling
we need to lie about ourselves.
We can’t be authentic
We can’t be free
We can’t be vulnerable
We mask

I am not there yet
but I am working on it.

OF course I hear you saying
we need to be sensitive in what we share.
Sensitive to others
BUT neither
can we use that as an excuse.
We all need to take risks
for our own development.
Take risks to join the dots.
NOT sacrificing freedom for security.

Can you put your finger
on where you are at the moment?
If you take the step - 
Then we can go forward
in our becoming
as we journey on along
The Road Less Travelled.

Pip Wilson
25th November 2015